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Chance of a lifetime

bandeThought I would never meet someone so good to be true. Especially not on RSVP, but I was wrong.

Started chatting with Brent in early Feb 2014 and we met up end of Feb 2014. Our story is like a flower that slowly blossomed into a great romance.

Ever since we met, we have been inseparable. We get each other. We have great sense of humour. We love being with each other. We support each other. I fall more in love with this guy every day.

We married in Dec 2015. It¿s not always roses. We do have days where we disagree. But that is what¿s making us understand and appreciate each other even more. And today, Jan 18, 2017, after almost 3 years, we are 5 months pregnant and happily married. And looking forward for more fun, happy and exciting times ahead together.

Thanks RSVP for this chance of a lifetime.